Logimat is an annual logistics and materials handling fair held in Stuttgart, Germany and Forkpac was there to find out what’s hot in the industry. Here’s 5 things we liked that could change the way you do business.

  1. Automation– it’s not new but businesses are starting to realise the full potential of what automation can offer. By removing the opportunity for people and machines to come into contact with each other, the workplace is safer and more efficient. Shuttle carts or cloud crane systems are probably already in a warehouse somewhere near you.
  2. AGVs- Autonomous Guided Vehicles are great when you have a need for increased security or if your warehouse isn’t hospitable for people- think gold mines or deep freeze applications. Most AGVs have a manual function as well to allow people to take over if tasks or needs change.
  3. Lithium Ion- They’ve been part of our lives as our phone batteries for a few years but have taken some time to work their way into forklifts. Used up until recently as a retrofit option to replace your lead acid battery, OEMs have for the first time designed forklifts specifically to work with Li- Ion technology. The smaller footprint of Li- Ion allows for greater operator visibility and increased safety.
  4. Fleet Management- Get a better picture of what your machines and operators are doing at any given time. Monitor machine and driver performance, log impacts and breakdowns as well as track in real time where your equipment and goods are in your warehouse.
  5. AR and VR- Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will change the way we design and plan warehouses, how we pick and pack stock and how we deliver packages. The potential applications are endless but some of the capabilities already available in the marketplace allow users to find and track stock remotely while other technologies can design, visual and test systems before they’re operational.

Interested in any of the solutions you saw here? Or know of any others? Leave a comment or give us a call to find out more.